About Freidaycat: Nicola Petek, German-Yugoslavian with an Italian first name and a Turkish surname. I carry a broad love for art, architecture, politics and encounters with people who make a difference.

While studying Art History and Islamic Studies I was living all over the globe–Berlin, Istanbul, London, Sydney and Marseille. This is when it came in handy that  I (to be honest: some better than others) speak five languages. I love working with different people in different contexts. For me, art in any form is one of the most exciting things in live and something I definitely can not be without.

I realised quickly that there is a place for me within the art world by providing communication services, be it text, video, content or web design.

I am experienced in working with museums, galleries, artists and foundations worldwide. I am a published writer in Scotland, Germany, Pakistan and Poland. Social Media Geek, but most of all in love with the possibilities of Instagram.

freidaycat Nicola Petek


freidaycat [fʁaɪ̯-deɪ-kæt] is obviously a made up word. The first part, freiday, comes from the Slovenian word for Friday, Petek, which is my surname. This became the English-German version ‘freiday’. Frei is the German word for freedom and independence. And finally the “cat” was added, because I am a big fans of the felines. But who isn’t.