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Kosovo: Pristina – Ugly Beauty

19. September 2016, 0 Comments

Pristina hurts. At the entrance of the city a graffiti is shouting „Welcome to Hell“. Concrete and steal dominate the cityscape. From time to time blue glazed new towers sneak in. Or neo-ottoman mosques, renovated to a state of unrecognisable conditions. Or even a statue of Bill Clinton. Little city parks shine bright like blurs […]

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Pakistan: Happiness and tears in Concrete and Marble

14. April 2016, 1 Comment
Faisal Mosque Islamabad ©freidaycat 2015

As we wanted to take a little break from the heat in Lahore we decided to go north. Far north. We dreamed about going deep into the Himalayas: we wanted to visit the K2 Base Camp (yes, it is located in Pakistan!), we saw ourselves frolicking on the lush green Fairy Meadows, explore the large Karakoram mountain […]

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Like a bluebird…

13. January 2016, 0 Comments
Photo via

He was a genius. He was a hero. He was always himself, and then again he was always somebody else. He was the reason people survived their darkest days, he was the reason they danced all night, he was just someone that mattered. Life on earth has been existing for hundreds of millions of years. […]

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