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A hope inside of me: Istanbul

5. June 2016, 0 Comments

It is time for a new chapter!

On the way from Berlin to Myanmar via Singapore we also took a little detour to Istanbul.

It had been four days that were filled with reunions with beautiful people. I’ve spent hours drinking litres of cay on my favourite spots in this incredible city. And certainly I ate all my favourite turkish dishes and enjoyed the first real sunshine of the year.


Istanbul is the one city that I constantly feel homesick for.

2014/15 I spent 11 months studying Art History at Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, attempting language classes at Dilmer and working as an assistant in the studio of the wonderful artist Murat Pulat. But what I truly learned in this year goes beyond academic education. It goes beyond learning Turkish. It goes beyond professional work experience.

Wherever I go, it is not the crazy things I do, not the sights I see and not the parties I attempt that make my time unforgettable. It is always about the people I meet. The reason I love Istanbul so much is only because of the people I meet back then that I fortunately enough call my friends today.

The things they taught me. The way the lead me onto.


A piece of my heart will always be here.

Istanbul to me is:

Sitting at the Bosporus, drinking bitter sweet tea. The boat rides included into the public transport of the city and the fact that you can see dolphins on the way. The city’s golden glow at sunset. Having a stomach ache from eating too much. Loud music. How sometimes a fog crawls in from the Marmara Sea and slowly swallows all the sound. The slow pace of life for some, the rush of the others. The countless feline inhabitants of the city. Power breakdowns. Walking along the shore on Kadiköy. Watching the couples sitting there, either in love or breaking up. The smell of roasted chestnuts. Hearing the muezzin calling for prayer. Smoking. The yeasty sweet taste of a simit in the morning. Walking up and down Istiklal, hating it one day, loving it the next day. Staying up late. Public holidays because of five centimetre of snow. Escaping to the islands on the weekend. Petting all the stray dogs. Police everywhere. Smelling tear gas. Motorbike tours along the Black Sea. Talking politics. Talking about love. Unfiltered Bomonti. The smell of oil paint at my friends studios. Showing your visiting friends all your favourite places. Trying to find the best spot to watch the sunset. Struggling to talk in Turkish. Being proud realising you improved. Being yourself. Crying. Laughing. Singing. Living.


One day I will tell you more about this city. But for now I leave it like that.

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