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Pakistan: Embrace the adventure!

2. May 2016, 1 Comment

With this video I want to close the chapter “Pakistan” – for now.

It has been an amazing journey, teaching me much about my self and about a country that has been just as foreign to me as for many others. It showed me once again how important it is not to believe everything others want you to believe. How important it is to always get a own picture of something, to experience something yourself, to talk to people about things that seem strange to you.

Even though I have many more stories to tell, it is time to move on to other adventures.

I will close this chapter with one of the nicest memories I have from Pakistan; The Pipe Line Walk to Ayubia, near Nathiagali, where we took an adventurous chair lift up the hill to have a breathtaking glance into the Kashmir Area. And to find the worlds most dangerous kids’ playground. :D. As on this day, I was once again missing those mostly hated European Safety Standards… But sometimes they just make sense!

But have a look yourself and bid with me farewell to an unique country: Pakistan <3

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  • usama 1. August 2016 at 23:24

    Thanks for visiting my beautiful country Pakistan and praising its beauty and people. i really loved your blog, you are a great traveler and writer. As you have missed the trick on few things i will tell you with points .

    – you have traveled beautiful places but you seriously missed the most beautiful places on earth , you didn’t do your homework before visiting Pakistan .Let me tell you North of Pakistan is very big as far as area is concerned it consists of 5 big regions and hundreds of sub cities just like hunza and k2 are part of gilgit and baltistan respectively
    1- Swat region
    2- kaghan Naran region
    3- gilgit
    4- Baltistan
    5- azad Kashmir

    you have mentioned other areas of north are disputed with India . Let me tell you one thing apart from azad Kashmir no area is disputed all 4 regions are in separate provinces/states . I visited all of these areas and to be honest i have seen many tourists from america and Europe in these areas no need of permission . Even with new rule now foreigner tourists are also allowed to visit Kashmir without any permission i have also mentioned the sub cities with regions so that you can have complete clue what you have completely missed. All you can search those areas on google, and i would be very happy if you visit these areas as well. Whole
    Northern Areas of Pakistan, spread well over 100,000 sq. km and azad Kashmir is a part of it which is only 13,297 km². and 100,000 sq.km of non stop mountains , lakes and waterfalls which is more area than many countries itself on earth