Nicola Elisabeth Petek, German-Yugoslavian with an Italian first name and a Turkish surname. Broad love for art, architecture, politics and encounters with people who make a difference. Studied Art History and Islamic Studies. Speaks five languages. Experience in working with museums, galleries, artists and foundations worldwide. Published writer in Scotland, Germany, Pakistan and Poland. Social Media Geek, but most of all in love with the possibilities of Instagram.

WHY THIS WEIRD NAME? [fʁaɪ̯-deɪ-kæt] is obviously a made up word. The first part,, comes from the Slovenian word for Friday, Petek, which is my surname. This became the English-German version 'freiday'. Frei is the German word for freedom and independence. And finally the "cat" was added, because I am a big fans of the felines. But who isn't.